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Yes, gentle readers, this will be my final post here at The Adventures of Santamarian Steve. I’ve truly enjoyed the 75+ posts I’ve made here, each one a snapshot of what my life was like that week, and what I wanted to convey to future students. I’d like to close out with a Top Ten […]

Gang Aft Agley


Due to a fire and the subsequent forced evacuation of the Atrium, this week’s post will be postponed. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of “The Adventures of Santamarian Steve”! Go Huskies! Steve



I tend to read on the bus. It passes the time, and educates/entertains me. I just finished “Patriot Hearts” by John Furlong, the story behind the 2010 Winter Olympics, which was amazing. Right now, I’m reading “Leadership” by General Rick Hillier, former head of the Canadian Forces. At the same time, I’m running the backstage […]

Think it? Do it. Want it? Believe it. Know it? Show it. The world is full of billions of people, each acting in their own unique way. That which we call “life” is simply a common experience created by interaction of each of us. Last week I rode on a bus with someone and was […]

What A Weekend!


Yes, a splendid combination of personal stuff and SMUSA activities combined to make this one of my better recent weekends. On Friday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Tons of fun and friends, starting off at the Westcliffe Diner (Bayers and Oxford, delicious food at a cheap price!) and then moving on to bowling at Bowlarama […]

The following is a re-post of my final entry on the Canada Games 2011 blog. Français suivante. In 90 short minutes, my volunteer experience at the Canada Games will be over, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been lucky enough to jet around to many of the different venues this competition […]



In lieu of a post here this week, I encourage you to check out my contributions to the official 2011 Canada Games blog. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a competitive table tennis player? You’ll find out there!

It’s Here!


Yes, the Canada Games have landed in Halifax just in time for Winter Break. This week, I will be cramming like crazy for my midterms, and next week I will be alternating relaxation with frenetic action as a Media Relations Officer/Social Media & Blog Liaison, at the Canada Games Media Centre at the Atlantica Hotel. […]

This past weekend, I attended my final ANSSA conference. I’ve previously written about the event, but this one has special poignancy as I reflected back on the great times I’ve had working for student interests over the past few years. I’ll also never forget having to find my way around strange campuses and cobble together foodstuffs […]

Sorry, sometimes one must stretch for the sake of alliteration. With midterms coming up, it is incumbent upon a student to find an organized and effective way of cramming all that knowledge you spent months curating into usable intelligence for midterms and papers. But how? It helps to know your learning style. Flashcards help lots […]