What’s That They Say About Good Things?


Yes, gentle readers, this will be my final post here at The Adventures of Santamarian Steve. I’ve truly enjoyed the 75+ posts I’ve made here, each one a snapshot of what my life was like that week, and what I wanted to convey to future students. I’d like to close out with a Top Ten list of my favourite posts on the site.

Whether you’re reading this in 2011, 2015, or 2089 where it’s being displayed through the computer embedded in your skull, these ten pages serve as a good jumping-off point for the blog. Enjoy!

Note: The blog posts are presented in chronological order, rather than preferential order.

The History of Saint Mary’s University – One of the site’s first posts, it was well-received for providing an easy to read summary of 200+ years of educational heritage.

The Fun of Residence – Watching someone walk to class in bunny slippers never gets old.

Dockside Dining Hall – A post that foreshadowed my burgeoning interest in the culinary arts (the picture at the top of the post is of real Dockside food, and was snapped by yours truly)

What’s New? – After having forgotten what it was like to be in a new city for the first time, my summer in Ottawa reminded me quite rapidly. This post talks about how to best adjust to your new surroundings.

In Celebration of Canada – Being in the nation’s capital around Canada Day plays tricks on the mind, and makes you write rambling patriotic jingoistic rants such as this one. I like it.

French Toast Scrambled Eggs, and the Importance of Creative Problem Solving – My time at Saint Mary’s has taught me many things, chief amongst them the ability to quickly assess a situation, determine the issue, and craft a solution. This post shows how I was able to apply this skill in my personal life.

Troubled Times (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) – Everyone has their down periods. Mine just happened to be really quite far down, requiring medical attention. I tried not to mention it in the blog too much, but in the selected posts you can see my gradual downwards slip into depression, and slow, eventual return to normalcy. I’m much better now, and hope to continue being better into the future 🙂

On The Power Of Taking Chances – Let’s end on an inspirational note. I wrote this post in one long string coming out of my brain, after one of the most spectacular periods in my life. It stands out as possibly my favourite post on the site.

Anyway, like I said, I’ve really enjoyed being allowed to write this blog on behalf of Saint Mary’s University. As I graduate and go forward into the future, I will take the skills I’ve learned here and use them to make my life the best that it can be. And so, for the last time, I say…

Go Huskies!

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