On The Power Of Taking Chances


Think it? Do it.
Want it? Believe it.
Know it? Show it.

The world is full of billions of people, each acting in their own unique way. That which we call “life” is simply a common experience created by interaction of each of us.

Last week I rode on a bus with someone and was able to pay it forward by giving them advice on how to deal with depression. Made me feel good.

I also went to H&R Block and filed my taxes for the year. Fun Fact: I’ll have enough T2202A tax credits to use the money I save on taxes to pay off a large chunk of my student loans. I also received a coupon for free pizza. And thus begins our story,

I’m in rehearsals for Pride and Prejudice. The Saint Mary’s University Drama Society (SMUDS) is putting it on this coming Thursday to Sunday at 7 pm, and you should all come out for some truly amazing theatrics. I’ll be running around backstage with a headset, making sure everything works well.

So after practice, and before seeing Gustavo Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic at the theatre (another awesome thing) I had both some time to fill and a stomach to fill. I also had had a group meeting earlier, but that’s neither here nor there. I decided to go and get my free pizza.

So I went down to the pizza shop (Pizza Pizza on Grafton, right next to Cheers and Taboo), and asked them how often they exceed their posted fire-marshall-decreed 50 person limit. I was unsurprised at the answer. 15 minutes later I had my pie, and was off to Park Lane.

Along the way, I passed by a place that a friend works. I took three strides past the door, and then a thought struck me:

What if they’re inside?
Are they hungry?
Would they like to share this free pizza?

So, having absolutely no basis to believe it would work, I turned a total 180 and walked in the front doors carrying my pizza.

She was right there.

And not only that, she was just finishing her shift. Funny how life works, eh?

It was an even rarer occurrence than I dared hope for – she was there, hungry, and did want to share my pizza. And she was just finishing work, so we could walk to the theatre while eating it! Life is good!

So as we walked along, it became apparent that this was too much pizza for even two people to scarf down between Grafton and Dresden Row, haha. So we did the only logical thing:

We started giving pizza to random people.

Why? Well, why not?

We gave pizza to three separate homeless folks on Spring Garden Road, and they all seemed extremely thankful for it. A good day if there ever was one. I might ask Pizza Pizza to sponsor me as I go around the globe handing out free pizza, that’s how much fun it was.

My point is this: Do weird things. Have dreams. Follow them. You never know… they might come true.

Go Huskies!

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