What A Weekend!


Yes, a splendid combination of personal stuff and SMUSA activities combined to make this one of my better recent weekends. On Friday, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! Tons of fun and friends, starting off at the Westcliffe Diner (Bayers and Oxford, delicious food at a cheap price!) and then moving on to bowling at Bowlarama (when was the last time you went bowling? First time in a long time for me.) So much fun.

Speaking of things I hadn’t done in a while, earlier that day I went to SMU Skates The Oval and skated like crazy! If you haven’t been out to the Canada Games Oval yet, somehow, then you definitely need to go THIS WEEK. I don’t care if you haven’t been on skates in over a decade, I hadn’t either and still had a blast.

And on Saturday? Nice lunch with a friend, followed by the SMUSA Rainmen game. Chilling around with my fellow Santamarians, and a game that went down to the last second? A beautiful Saturday afternoon to be sure.

As time winds down on my time here at Saint Mary’s, I’m becoming more and more philosophical about the whole experience. It’s been a great time, and who knows what’s next?

Go Huskies!

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