How To Make Breakfast Out Of Nowhere


This past weekend, I attended my final ANSSA conference. I’ve previously written about the event, but this one has special poignancy as I reflected back on the great times I’ve had working for student interests over the past few years. I’ll also never forget having to find my way around strange campuses and cobble together foodstuffs in foreign cafeterias, haha.

So this week I present to you: Ten Steps To A Delicious Breakfast At Acadia.

  1. Walk around the cafeteria – what do they have? How is it laid out? Different cafeterias have different strengths, this particular one had a section called My Pantry with sinks and such.
  2. Realize that they have a stir-fry station. File that away for later.
  3. Walk around some more, maybe get some cereal (there were ten different kinds, it took me five minutes to decide)
  4. Randomly open one of the refrigerators, and realize that there is a giant drum of shredded cheese in it, along with chopped ham and some mushrooms too.
  5. Look down on the bottom shelf and notice the large bowl of fresh eggs.
  6. Realize that the equipment required to stir-fry isn’t that different from that required to scramble eggs.
  7. Start getting really excited, and a bit hungry.
  8. Grab three eggs, and a handful each of mix-ins. Realize that three eggs is too much for the small pan you’ve been presented with, get rid of one of them.
  9. Figure out how to use the strange induction station the pan sits on, spray the pan generously with cooking spray, and heat it up.
  10. Throw everything in, stir until it smells awesome and looks cooked, and enjoy!

Innovative problem-solving. Just another one of the great traits you’ll learn here at Saint Mary’s University.

Go Huskies!

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