The Glorious Return


Hello all!

I am back, with a new apartment, new classes, and new enthusiasm. This week’s post is about something you might have made as a New Year’s resolution – study more.

Where are some good places to study on Saint Mary’s campus? Over the past few years, I’ve tried out numerous study spots, and seen new areas come into being. From open group work space to disturbingly quiet individual study areas, Saint Mary’s has a wealth of opportunity.

The DEN – First on our list is the most obvious study spot, our oncampus 24-hour computer lab. Recently redone in bright colours, it features plenty of computers, and is my favourite spot for a group meeting.

The Atrium – Oh, Atrium. You came into my educational career late, but for reading a textbook, or meeting some friends, you are my spot of choice.

Library – The library here can be a mixed bag. I’ve done some studying here, but usually at other places. They have group rooms for rent, and the aforementioned creepily quiet and isolating study cubicles. If you want to shut out all distractions, take a seat in one of these.

Computer lab – Since I’m graduating soon, I feel I can safely share this tip: computer labs are the secretly awesome place to study on campus. They’re quiet, the chairs are comfy, and you have ready access to a school computer for research and your network drive.

Coffee shop – Never tried it, not much of a coffee person. But I’ve heard that the Uncommon Grounds location on South Park Street is a nice place to spend some time.

These are just a few of the amazing places you can study on SMU campus. Go out and find your own favourite!

Go Huskies!

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