French Toast Scrambled Eggs, and the Importance of Creative Problem Solving


In life, things tend to happen. You might have already noticed this yourself. Problems occur, and you need to find a way to fix them.

Maybe it’s not even a problem. Maybe it’s just something that you could improve upon. The value of a university degree, cliché as it seems, is that it teaches you how to think.

Problems like balancing a schedule, working with ornery group members, and realizing that the big term paper is due on the 12th and not the 21st like you wrote down (guilty of this one).

But the human brain is a remarkable thing. Psychologists refer to it as “plasticity”, the ability to reshape and improve your brain with practice and time. University will throw several of these things your way, and you’ll find ways around them.

What’s with the French Toast Scrambled Eggs, you say? Oh, that’s a story from my life. As you might have picked up, I like to cook. I also don’t like wasting food. Yesterday, I made French Toast for the first time, and was saddened at the amount of eggs and milk and breadcrumbs I was apparently just supposed to throw out (problem).

Rather than throw it out, I decided to throw it into the still-hot pan I had just used for the toast (problem solved). It bubbled and frothed and started to stick to the bottom of the pan (problem)

But, I had already learned how to deal with this when making scrambled eggs – lift the pan off the heat, and continue to stir until it comes off. I did this, and it was (problem solved). After a few cycles back and forth, I had a tasty little mushy concoction I dubbed French Toast Scrambled Eggs.

It was tasty. Creative problem solving rocks.

Go Huskies!

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