In Celebration of Canada


Seeing as Saint Mary’s University is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia is located in what is, in my biased opinion, the best country in the world, it seems fitting to celebrate Canada this Thursday.

So what is Canada, anyway? The answer is: there is no answer. There is no one thing, no one person, and no one place that contains the full breadth of Canadian excellence. And this is a wonderful thing.

Since arriving at Saint Mary’s, I have had the good fortune on several occasions to travel this nation and represent my school at national functions. And it has affirmed my earlier point.

The Pacific Coast in Vancouver? It’s different from the Atlantic Coast in Halifax. The Prairies of the West? Far different from the Rockies they lie close to. Traffic jam in downtown Toronto? A far cry from rush hour in downtown Iqaluit.

Travelling with an empty stomach, you can enjoy screech in Newfoundland, salmon in Nova Scotia, poutine in Quebec, and a steak in Calgary. (Disclaimer: Santamarian Steve does not advise consuming screech on an empty stomach.)

From Dr. Banting who brought life to diabetics, to Tommy Douglas who brought life to the rest of the infirm, to Terry Fox, who brought inspiration to us all.

We are a nation of diplomats, who also stand ready to fight when called. We are no melting pot, we are a glorious multicultural stew. We are my home and native land. And I stand on guard for thee.

Go Huskies! (and Canada)

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