Dockside Dining Hall


A scoop of delicious Dockside potatoes, topped with plum sauce and paprika. Creativity is the spice of culinary life, haha.


Here I sit, full and content, just came back from a lovely meal at the dining hall of Saint Mary’s University. The Dockside Dining Hall was renovated just last summer, and speaking as someone who has eaten literally thousands of meals there over my three years, it is better than ever.

I came in, and immediately noticed one of my friends was there. So I went over, we started chatting, grabbed some food, and sat down to eat. Then suddenly other people started filling in around the table, and before I knew it the table was full of good friends and conversation.

And the food. Don’t let anybody tell you university food can’t be delicious. I started off with a nice chicken noodle soup (enormous chunks of chicken) and then went back for a full roast beef dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy, and fresh vegetables. Topped off with a chocolate cupcake.

Yes, you can eat well here at Saint Mary’s University. And that’s just one place on campus. Stay tuned to hear about the Gorsebrook Lounge, and the many other places to grab a bite to eat here on campus.

Go Huskies!

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